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Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2013 @ DesignLoft V2.0 616

Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2013

Location :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
Jury Members :
Francesco Iannone, Elías Cisneros, Andreas Schulz,and more
Type :
Open to all, International, Free Admission, Student Competition
Admission fee :

You’re still on time! If you’re lighting designer, architect, urban planner, interior designer, engineer, landscaper or student, the competition encourage you to participate on the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2013.Show the world your lighting project deserves an award! There are 48.000€ in prizes!


Light is a fundamental element of life and a key aspect of any architectural project. Prizes will be awarded to projects that have successfully met the architectural lighting needs of an interior or exterior space, having created a positive synergy between architecture, interior design, landscaping and lighting.The Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards value the creativity, innovation and sustainability of lighting projects, regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project.


Any lighting designers, architects, urban planners,interior designers, engineers, landscapers or students who are authors of a lighting project.There are no restrictions on age, nationality or place of residence.Lighting distribution companies are not allowed to participate.Projects submitted in previous Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards will not be accepted.


  • Architecture outdoor lighting: lighting projects for exterior illumination such as: facades, sport facilities, monuments, canopies, etc.
  • Indoor lighting: lighting projects for interior illumination such as: shops, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, single buildings, offices, etc.
  • Urban and landscape lighting: lighting projects for urban illumination such as: squares, roundabouts,avenues, streets, parks, bridges, etc.
  • Students proposals: this year’s theme is “Light to connect”; lighting projects, both indoor and outdoor, in which light is used as a tool to connect people and/or spaces: squares, streets,parks, beaches, malls, airports, car parks, etc.Only idea-based projects will be accepted.
  • Bear in mind that the projects must incorporate innovation and sustainability elements in all categories.
  • Only daylight based projects, entertainment lighting projects, and luminaire design will not be accepted.


  • February 4th 2013—Registration Deadline
  • February 4th 2013—Submission Deadline


  • Francesco Iannone
  • Elías Cisneros
  • Andreas Schulz
  • Philippe Chaix
  • Rafael Aranda
  • María Langarita
  • Antoni Arola
  • Paul James


  • Architectural Outdoor Lighting Award: 15.000€
  • Indoor Lighting Award: 15.000€
  • Urban and Landscape Lighting Award: 15.000€
  • Students Proposals Award: 3.000€

Download the competition brief PDF 
For more information click here 

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