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Future of Money Design Award @ DesignLoft V2.0 981

Future of Money Design Award

Location :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
£500 ,£750
Jury Members :
Sandra Alzetta, Catherine Eagleton, Gloria Benson, Nitipak Samsen.
Type :
Open to all, International, Free Admission
Admission fee :

Design a future financial crime


Whether we like it or not, crime is a driving force behind a large proportion of technological ‘progress’; this is especially true regarding money. In 1817, a burglary at a British dockyard led the government to start a competition challenging locksmiths to invent an unpickable lock. The result was the Chubb detector lock, and it remained ‘unpicked’ for 33 years.The competition invite creative practitioners to imagine and design a future monetary based crime. A crime which utilises a loophole, a social convention or specific technology.


  • 20th February 2013—Registration Deadline
  • 20th February 2013—Submission Deadline


The competition will run in two phases.

  • 1st Phase – Initial Idea

Please submit an overview of your initial ‘future crime’ concept. Preferred format = PDF. Maximum 3 pages communicating the concept and examples of previous work (website or PDF). Send entries to art@chyp.com

  • 2nd Phase – Project Development

Shortlisted entrants will receive £500 each to develop their idea and produce a short video. The videos and concepts will be judged during the annual Tomorrrow’s Transactions forum in London, and prizes will be handed out to the winners.


  • Sandra Alzetta
  • Catherine Eagleton
  • Gloria Benson
  • Nitipak Samsen


  • Shortlisted projects—£500 each for project development.
  • 1st prize—£750
  • 2nd, 3rd prize—TBC

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