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Results announced for Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future in Architecture-Results

Results announced for Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future

Location :
USA, web
Award :
valued at $10,000
Jury Members :
G. Hardy Acree, Marvin Malecha ,Helen Norman ,Tibbie Dunbar ,James P. Cramer ,Curtis Fentress

After reviewing 200 innovative student submissions from around the world, Fentress Architects announced the winning designs for the 2011 Fentress Global Challenge, an international competition launched last fall for architecture and engineering students to present their visions for the Airport of the Future.

Two expert juries narrowed the submitted material to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with two honorable mentions and 11 finalists.

Designs were evaluated on Creative Approach, Response to Site, Sustainability and Functionality.

The top 16 finalist designs will gain international exposure in the traveling exhibition Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight.

Entries were creative and thought provoking.

As noted by final jury member, Marvin Malecha, FAIA, Dean of the College of Design, North Carolina State University:

“The projects for recognition that follow demonstrate comprehensive and thought provoking ideas about the future of air travel. These projects speculate on the passenger experience as well as the pace of the airport in the city and the environmental implications of future construction. There is no reason why these spirited ideas should be held in abeyance for a distant future. The essential reason to conduct a competition on future scenarios is to begin the journey toward a better future today”

Unfortunately , Fentress Architects  has opted for not putting the submitted panels online in a reasonable resolution to be evaluated, and all that is to be found are “previews” of only the winning / honorable projects which we present here .

A note on the submissions (or the jury´s decision ) :  While browsing through the (very little) material available,  some of us have noted that although the submissions all talk about the “Future” of an airport , and are very influenced by Sci-Fi flicks ,  most of them ignored a very basic aspect of the issue, and that is the future of Aviation itself .

One can hardly believe that the “future” airport would have conventional airplanes like today, and the only difference would be some acrobatic topological design feature. For all we know – there might not even be a need for airports in the near future .

But that´s just us . and now :


 1st PLACE: LDN Delta Airport
Oliver Andrew, London South Bank University

First Prize winner Oliver Andrew’s proposal is  a floating airport built from artifical islands. To locate an airport in the Thames Estuary directly addresses the problem of overtaxed Heathrow being unable to expand due to limitations imposed by surrounding communities. And the water would serve a dual purpose: Andrew’s design calls for hydropowered electricity generation.

The LDN Delta Airport is designed as prefabricated, mass-produced islands situated in the Thames Estuary, upstream from London. The airport would ease the overcrowding of the surrounding airports as there are no cars, runways, nor check-in desks, but is served solely via public transportation. Flight information is connected through passengers’ cell phones, providing the departure time and assigned gate.

The airport supports vertical takeoff with hypersonic jets capable of flying at the edge of space, lifting off from purpose-built landing pads and uses the tidal currents to run on total sustainable power

And what do we think ?

Nice try , and nice design (especially the terminal building)  but:

– hardly innovative . Hong Kong´s airport , and also the new Icheon airport were built on artaficial land claimed from the ocean. It differ from this concept of pre-fab elements, but come on – who can pre-fab such huge elements and then transport them.  It is quite obvious that if such thing should be built – it will be built on-site and not as pre-fab.

– any attempt to build such an airport WITHOUT any supply bridge would bound to fail.

2nd PLACE: The Airport of the Future
Martin Sztyk, University College London

In the Airport of the Future, algae farms produce biofuel for aircrafts and the airport facility, which can be processed by neighboring oil refineries.

This proposal for the Airport of the Future is self-sustaining through the use of algae grown in nearby farms as a renewable resource. The architecture of the Airport of the Future is experiential as it intends to be a destination in itself. The future of airships and non-atmospheric flight intersects with runways, tarmacs, trains, highways and the conventional infrastructure of Los Angeles

Our Thoughts ?

Not much – unfortunately the full panels are not available for viewing . (we guess that the organizers have opted to make some $$ from the exhibition – and if the panels are available on the net – well –  you know ..)

One thing though – somehow , we like the  Zeppelin . but is it just us , or it is not so “futuristic” ?

3rd Prize :  Pocket Airports
Alexander Nevarez, Art Center College of Design, United States

Dreamers and innovators that look far beyond the present have always held the future in such high esteem. It is this optimism that propels ideas into the blue sky for the sake of imagining what is possible given the resources and technology.

Results announced for Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future in Architecture-Results

k99_gin-Air-Pockets-6.jpgArchitecture-Results -

Honorable Mention :

Aero Loop

Thor Yi Chun
University of Science of Malaysia, Malaysia

Results announced for Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future in Architecture-Results

k99_gin-Aero-Loop-1.jpgArchitecture-Results -

New Arcticity

Daniel Kang
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Results announced for Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future in Architecture-Results

k99_gin-New-Arcticity-1.jpgArchitecture-Results -

you can view some more details and jury comments here :  http://www.theairportofthefuture.com/fentressglobalchallenge

Some other finalists submission :  http://www.theairportofthefuture.com/fentressglobalchallenge/finalists/

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