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Curtas 2012 International Film Festival

Location :
Teatro Municipal
Registration Deadline :
Award :
Best Portuguese Short Film (2.000 euros and lab works on the amount of 5.000 euros
Type :
Open to all, Free Admission, Call for Entries
Admission fee :

Eligible films

Animations, documentaries, fictions, experimental films and music videos, in film or video produced in 2011 or 2012, no longer than 60 minutes, preferably subtitled in Portuguese or English.


Competitive Sections and Awards

Portuguese and International Competition The jury of this competitive section will be composed of distinguished film professionals, which will award the prizes mentioned below: – Great Prize “Cidade de Vila do Conde”(2.000 euros*) for the best film in competition; – Animation Award; – Documentary Award “Manoel de Oliveira”; – Fiction Award; – Best Portuguese Short Film (2.000 euros and lab works on the amount of 5.000 euros *);

The Festival audience will award the film with best average points from all films selected in National and International competitions: – Audience Award (1.000 euros*)

Music Videos Competition Dedicated to the most recent Portuguese and International productions, also with a specific jury which will award the: – Best Music Video Award (1.000 euros*)

Experimental Competition This competition is dedicated to experimental films particularly those that will reveal a new approach to the art of moving images, sound and music and to their possible creative combinations. The jury of this competitive section will award: – Best Experimental Film Award

Take One! Competition Dedicated to films directed by students of Portuguese film and video schools. The jury will award: – Best School Film Take One! Award Note: The Take One! competition, regarding films produced in Portuguese schools, has specific regulations, which will be available soon.

Curtinhas Competition This competition is dedicated to children’s films above 3, and its jury will be composed by a large number of children (7-13 years), which will award: – Curtinhas Award (1.000 euros*) * The monetary value or description of each award concerns the previous edition. The festival reserves the right to change prize amounts mentioned above, depending on the amounts and partnerships established with its sponsors.

Onda-Curta Prize This prize, awarded by a specific jury, will distinguish one or more works selected from among the various competitions. The prize will result in the acquisition of each of the winning works for television broadcast on Onda Curta RTP2 program.


Admission to pre-selection

It is essential the complete filling of the online entry form at the Festival site and send a DVD preview copy, along with the reference entry automatically assigned upon completion of filling the same form. Registration for Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival is free.

Online submissions at: http://curtas.pt/festival/submissions

Candidates must register as users and will automatically receive by e-mail, the access data.

Only after completion of registration as a users can access the entry form, which should be completed in full with the data of each film and sent to the Festival.

After the completion of the online registration, candidates will automatically receive a code that identifies each of the entries made. This code should be mandatory mentioned in the DVD copy to be sent by post to the Festival address.

After submission, and by any time, candidates may still access any entry data for verification and possible correction, using its assigned ‘login’ and ‘password’.

Any questions should be addressed to Submissions Manager SÉRGIO GOMES, submissions@curtas.pt or by telephones +351 252 638025 / 646516.

All preview copies for selection should be addressed to: 20th Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival Auditório Municipal Praça da República 4480-715 Vila do Conde Portugal

The package should indicate, clearly visible, the mention ” SEM VALOR COMERCIAL/ NO COMERCIAL VALUE “.

The preview copy must be provided with subtitles in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French if the film has comments or dialogues in other languages.

Applicants must ensure reception of the films at the festival before the deadlines: – 11th April 2012 – International, Experimental, Music Videos and Curtinhas Competition; – 23rd May 2012 – Portuguese and Take One! Competition.



The Festival Board will inform the directors of the selected films and the respective copy contacts until May 16th 2012, for the International Competition, or until June 6th 2012, for the Portuguese Competition.

Soon after notification of selection, is required to be sent immediately to the Festival via e-mail address, a photograph of the film – high-resolution digital format – for the catalogue and the list of dialogues of the film (in Portuguese and/or English) for subtitling. Sending EPK’s (Electronic Press-Kit) of the film is optional but equally important.

The absence of notification of film selection from the festival by those dates, according to the competition type, will mean that the respective film was not selected for the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde. However, efforts will be made so that all candidates are informed of the status of their films.

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