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Selling Design. Pricing and selling for architects and interior designers @ DesignLoft V2.0 434

Selling Design. Pricing and selling for architects and interior designers

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Open to all, International
Admission fee :
NIS 50, NIS 70

Elik Gurky holds a BA in economics and MBA majoring in strategy and entrepreneurship from the Tel Aviv University. A graduate of emotion – school for being, listening and transformation, specializing in satya 4 business method, founder of dagZahav business consultancy for designers.


Do you sometimes feel your clients don’t have the ability to pay what you feel you are worth?Do you sense that your clients don’t appreciate the importance and quality of service you provide?
Are you never certain you properly price your services and yourself?Do you feel an ever-present discomfort when talking about selling?Sales? You are not good at it, you don’t understand it, or it is simply not your thing.

This talk is aimed at any designer or architect answering ‘yes’ to one (or more…) of these questions. Elik Gurki’s new lecture will provide new insights, professional, marketing and selling tools which can be immediately implemented in any practice.

This talk is aimed at architects and designers constantly facing questions of pricing and selling to customers. The lecture will present methods to improve pricing and selling abilities in an easy and clear manner, and provide new insights and professional, marketing and selling tools which can be implemented immediately in existing practice.


During the lecture, Elik will present the following issues

  • How to sell design services;
  • The principles and psychology of pricing;
  • Marketing concepts to make the selling process friendly and enjoyable;
  • Effective selling process to dramatically increase your success level;
  • How your logic sometimes works against you, and how you can effect your clients’ decision-making process with a few easy steps;
  • Ways to cope with objections encountered during the sales process.


  • Dec 20,2012 19:00—event open

Admission fee

  • Early registration—NIS 50 (until Sunday, 16 December 2012)
  • Early registrants may invite an additional person at no additional cost
  • Late registration—NIS 50 per person
  • On the day of the lecture—NIS 70 per person

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