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Raise the Roost @ DesignLoft V2.0 397

Raise the Roost

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The competition challenge you to design and build a chicken coop for an urban residential garden that integrates creativity, functionality and the innovative use of low-cost, reclaimed materials.


Food security and access to healthy affordable food in urban areas is one of the world’s biggest problems and is on the rise. The United States does not escape this reality, nor does Seattle.
Raising chickens for eggs can be a lifeline where affordable, healthy food is difficult to access. Caring for chickens provides valuable educational opportunities for children and adults alike
to connect to where food comes from while inspiring self-sufficiency. Chickens are low cost to maintain and can also provide the nutrients needed for an entire vegetable garden to thrive. Building or obtaining an appropriate coop can be a significant hurdle for urban residents.

Design requirements

  • Location-Urban Seattle
  • Size-Suitable for 2-8 birds maximum
  • Protection-Protect birds from the elements, predators, and injury
  • Food + Water-Allow space for easy access to food & water sources
  • Ventilation-Keep coop dry and draftfree with various forms of ventilation
  • Laying Nests-Provide at least one nest for every 4 hens
  • Perch-Provide 6-10 inches of perch space per bird
  • Light-A light source can be necessary for layers during winter months
  • Maintenance-Considerations for easy cleaning


Low-cost, found, reclaimed, reused or recycled materials.


  • Molly Moon
  • Becky Teagarden
  • Ron van der Veen
  • Cheryl Waters
  • Jessi Bloom
  • Seattle Youth Garden Works
  • Rainier Beach Community Leader (to be decided)

Awards + recognition

  • Bragging rights – do the chicken hut strut!
  • Media exposure
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Portfolio builder
  • Promoting food justice and security
  • Flexing your creative muscle while benefiting
  • your community!


  • May 24, 2012-Competition Launch
  • June 29, 2012, 5:00 pm-On line Registration Due
  • July 13th 5pm-Coop Delivery
  • July 14, 2012-Raise the Roost Event


  • Firms/Businesses (based on size of business)
  • 10+ employees $250
  • 1-9 employees $150
  • University Team $50
  • Community Group Free
  • Individuals $25 – $250
  • Under 18 Free

For more information and download go to awb-seattle.org

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