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Methods in AutoCAD Alexander Tversky @ DesignLoft V2.0 917

Methods in AutoCAD Alexander Tversky

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Open to all, International, Student Competition
Admission fee :
NIS 15, NIS 25

During the lecture, an in-depth presentation of the Annotative method in AutoCAD will be presented, accompanied by working examples and detailed explanation on the procedures and abilities of this method to simplify and expedite work procedures with the software. The lecture is recommended for students and architects using the latest versions of AutoCAD, and provides practical tools and methods which can be put to use immediately


The lecture will include an in-depth presentation of Annotative method, with practical demonstrations and explanations. The participants will learn to edit styles, use and manipulate various parameters of the systems – dimensions, texts, etc. – and use the method for various actions required in the design and drawing process such as area-fill, measurement accuracy, drawing borders, sheet organization, exporting and more.

AutoCAD incorporates three work methods. The Model method exists since the first versions of the software; the Paper Space method since AutoCAD2000; and versions since 2008 include the Annotative method. The two previous systems make the process of producing various scale drawings in one sheet while preserving aesthetics and unified presentation difficult. These systems involve repeated difficulties in such aspects such as letter size, hatchet density and dimension geometry.
The Annotative system solves the existing problems, and allows for smooth and simply work process when navigating various scales and creating sheets and drawings for easy manipulation, processing and printing.

The lecture will conclude with a presentation of various AutoCAD plug-ins developed by Alex. These include Windoor for quick and easy drawing of apertures, doors and windows, level definition, quantity calculations, carpentry specification lists and more; Profil for the 2- and 3D drawing of steel profiles; and a new plugin which supports quick and easy preparation of drawings for building permits applications including area calculations and automated summary tables required in the permission process.


  • Nov 30,2012, 09:30—event open

Admission fee

  • Early registration:NIS 15 (until Thursday, 29 November, 2012)
  • On the day of the lecture:NIS 25
  • Students:NIS 15

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