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Introduction to simulation with Kangaroo @ DesignLoft V2.0 653

Introduction to simulation with Kangaroo

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Webinar: Introduction to Physics-Based Design with Kangaroo


Applying physical properties and forces to geometry offers a fun and interactive way to implement physics-based constraints into your parametric workflows. Through a series of short presentations and “live” exercises, learn essential techniques for setting up and developing Simulations with Kangaroo in Grasshopper, ranging from particle systems to spring networks.

Schedule:2013 January 11


  • What is Physics-Based Simulation and when is it useful?
  • What types of Simulations can I develop with Kangaroo?
  • What are Force-Objects and what is Physical Geometry?
  • How can I calibrate and control my Simulation?

Admission fee

  • $99—Professional
  • $59—Student Rate

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