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Exhibition : Now Boarding – Airports of the future.

Location :
Denver, USA ( And International )
Event Start :

..a journey through the history of airports aided by film, digital art, animation, models, drawings, photographs, and full-scale architectural elements.

We have previously reported about the Airports of the future 2011 global challenge  student competition initiated by Fentress Architects , as well as it´s results.

As promised by he orgenizers, the winning designs of that competition will become a part of an exhibition titled Now Boarding – Airports of the future.

The exhibition will open in North America ( @ the Denver art Museum ) in the summer of 2012, and will travel internationally through 2015.

At this moment, a million people are in the air according to data from the Airport Council International’s World Airport Traffic Report 2010. The same report anticipates that by 2016, the annual number of air passengers will surpass the world’s population.

But just 100 years ago, airports were grassy strips of land and air travel was primarily reserved for military missions. What changed?

Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight answers this question with a multi-media journey through the past, present and speculative future of airport design.

airportofthefuture in Architecture-Events

k99_gin-airportofthefuture.jpgArchitecture-Events -

The exhibition will be divided in several parts , among which :

History of Airport Design  

A journey through the history of Airport design

Airport of the Future

a look at the furure of airport design
The Airport of the Future gallery will also feature winning designs from the Fentress Global Challenge: Airport of the Future.

Airports of Curtis Fentress

Fentress has created some of the world’s most innovative and recognized airport terminals, including Icheon airport in Seoul – which we have personally visited (and enjoyed!)

Art and Film :

Films showcasing airports and digital artwork visualizing the story of air travel will transport visitors through an audio-visual journey of air travel.

Gate Change – by artists Mark Hansen, Ben Rubin, and Jer Thorpof of EAR Studio

The Airport in POP Culture – Throughout the airport journey, exhibit visitors enjoy film clips from movies and television showcasing airports in popular culture.

Marco Brambilla’s “Getaway” –  this digital artwork is captured from a camera mounted to the underbelly of a passenger aircraft .

If you are interested in airports and / or airport architectural design – this exhibition is for you.
(personally we have an ambivalent relation with airports – we love but also but hate them due the the inevitable flight that is due.. if only someone could design an airport without the flight component !)

For more information about the exhibition, please visit www.nowboarding.org

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