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5 day digital design + fabrication intensive workshop @ DesignLoft V2.0 387

5 day digital design + fabrication intensive workshop

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Open to all, International
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Body-fed Design: embodied facades.7 – 11 January 2013 hosted by University of Minnesota School of Architecture | College of Design


In 2013, LaN continues to explore varying parameters and possibilities for design customization enabled by automated maching by giving greater consideration to human health data to drive our spatial formations.

Consider humans in present day spend on average nearly 80% of their lives “inside”. Were these spaces actually conceived with a prioritization for the body? Most typically our built environments are informed by a conceptual vision, square footage requirements, economics, standardization (of windows… of material dimensions), etc. If ‘Architecture’ fundamentally grew out of a need to limit the exposure of our bodies from forces of nature that cause harm us in extremes (temperature, wind, sun exposure, wildlife) then it seems apt time to make use of advancing technologies to investigate deeper our inner ecosystems to inform our immediate design environments.


  • Dec 22, 2012—Registration Deadline
  •  Jan 7-15, 2013—Event period

Admission fee: $299


Academic participants may opt to purchase the workshop package option which includes a LaN sponsored Rhinoceros educational license & online LaN troubleshooting (1 hr limit) for $399. For those that paid by Dec 22 a $150 registration deposit the remaining balance is due by Jan 5 2013.

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