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Your Street Live Challenge @ DesignLoft V2.0 211

Your Street Live Challenge

Location :
Submission Deadline :
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Award :
In total, R1 million (Approx. $115,000 USD)
Jury Members :
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Open to all, International, Free Admission
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The biggest Your Street Challenge yet! Finalists present to a live audience at Design Indaba 2013! R1million in prizes!


Imagine if you got to decide what your street looked like. What would you choose to create? The Your Street Challenge is a new way to think about where you live, work or play. Simply take a place close to your heart and think of a new way to improve it for people to interact with.
Inspired by Design Indaba, the Your Street Challenge is a competition to transform space through creative thought, one street at a time. Having already given away more than half a million rand to urban upgrade initiatives in cities around the world, Your Street Live is casting the net even wider, and this is your chance to take part.


Your Street Live is open to anyone living anywhere in the world. Simply send your proposal for how the area where you live, work or play can be improved by harnessing the transformative power of creativity, design and innovation.


  • Nov 26, 2012—Entries opened
  • Jan 28, 2013—Entries close


  • Should a concept be selected, the same design in the submission must be implemented.
  • Timeline submitted must be adhered to.
  • Implementation of the proposed project must begin immediately after the first phase of prize funding is received.
  • All design work must be complete and included in the proposal
  • Any deviations from the proposed concept must be discussed, approved and accepted in writing by the organiser.
  • Entrants may enlist the support of additional sponsors to supplement the implementation of the project over and above the prize funding. Enlisted sponsors must present no direct conflict with the sponsors of the Challenge.
  • Regardless of additional sponsorship, the project will always remain and carry the Your Street logo.


Your Street inspired by Design Indaba shall, in its sole, full and absolute discretion, organise, select and manage the jury, which shall adjudicate the applications, which have been appropriately examined, filtered and approved by Design Indaba.


  • In total, R1 million (Approx. $115,000 USD)

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