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Triumph Pavilion – LONDON (Summer 2013 Build Project) @ DesignLoft V2.0 423

Triumph Pavilion – LONDON (Summer 2013 Build Project)

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
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Jury Members :
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Type :
Open to all, International, Student Competition
Admission fee :
$180 US,$200 US,$250 US,$300 US

This year’s Triumph Pavilion entitled “The Peace Pavilion” will be dedicated to the newly created South and North nations of Sudan as we encourage a peaceful future through architecture. Sudan as a whole is a region that has contributed to architecture with construction of more Pyramids than Egypt. Pyramids were still being built in Sudan as late as AD 300. There are roughly 220 pyramids in Sudan compared to approximately 120 much larger pyramids that were constructed in Ancient Egypt over a period of 3000 years.


To design a freestanding transportable temporary contemporary showcase Pavilion that reflects peace and its unique location. The Pavilion will reflect a peaceful space, encourage hope and highlight the need for ecological and sustainable architecture and design principles.It should provide an inspirational space where visiting architects, designers, families or general public can stand, seat around to admire, embrace diversity and engage with each other to share discussions about design, importance and benefits of peace and co-existence or other stories in a peaceful setting.The planned Pavilion structure will be designed by a selected architect or design team through the Pavilion competition and the panel will select a project winner from the submitted entries that most satisfies the brief and is befitting of the Museum Gardens. Pavilion should not exceed 4 meters in height and 20 square meters in area.


  • Architects
  • Architecture graduates
  • Architecture students
  • Team of architects
  • Inter-disciplinary teams (engineers, designers in-conjunction with an architect)
  • Submissions can be the work of an individual or a group up to 4 members
  • Registration and participation in the competition implies an immediate acceptance by entrants of all terms & conditions governing the site and competition


  • Mar 08, 2013—Closing Date for Proposal Submission


The winning project team may be assigned to an architectural office or co-architect to collaborate with to further develop the construction drawings and prepare it for construction where the team lacks the experience. It is to be built on a site elsewhere and assembled or placed in position in the Gardens.


One Registration per Project Proposal. Each proposal is assigned a Unique Registration Number (URN). Participants or teams can register to submit more than one design proposal.

Registration fee

  • $180 US from Oct 31,2012 to Nov 16, 2012—Special Registration
  • $200 US from Nov 17,2012 to Dec 13, 2012—Early Registration
  • $250 US from Dec 14,2012 to Feb 27, 2013—Standard Registration
  • $300 US from Feb 28,2013 to Mar 08, 2013—Late Registration

Evaluation and judging process

An ArchTriumph panel of 3 professionals will review the submitted entries based on the competition objectives and from the short-listed entries select the eventual competition winner during the evaluation process.


Winning proposal will receive the Honour of designing the ArchTriumph Showcase Triumph Pavilion to the with a budget of US $ 10,000 and the following:

  • 1st Prize—US$ 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND US DOLLARS) budget for the design and construction of the ArchTriumph Summer Showcase Triumph Pavilion 2013 to be installed in the Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green in London.
  • Publication on Archtriumph website
  • Publication in an architecture magazine, various architecture websites and blogs

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