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OperaLab Identity Design/Design Identity @ DesignLoft V2.0 940

OperaLab Identity Design/Design Identity

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Open to all, International, Free Admission
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OperaLab is a new interdisciplinary project combining the features of an art gallery and a think tank with the purpose to create space for discussion on the changing face of the City today and the role of art as a discipline of substantial creative potential to influence its current image.The first activity within the framework of the OperaLab project, scheduled for 2012, is the Identity Design/Design Identity competition.


The aim of the competition is the selection and realisation of the concept of a mobile pavilion, allowing the OperaLab Project to perform a number of artistic and intellectual activities – from exhibition presentations, through film screenings, ballet and opera presentations, to concerts and discussion panels. The form of the pavilion should communicate the innovative character of the project, amalgamating many artistic disciplines and carry the identity of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW, creating a dialogue with the urban space. The open character of the pavilion should encourage performing activities and allow easy interaction.

Design Category

  • The product is addressed to a narrow target group able to understand the aesthetic context and easily decode meanings associated with various disciplines of art, to people of discerning taste,
  • The product should combine an innovative idea with good functionality,
  • The product should come with a designed packaging (box + bag) and comprehensive visual identification,
  • The product should be associated with the Opera House,
  • The product should have mobile functionality,
  • The product should be made of high quality materials and be exclusive.


  • Oct 11, 2012 – the official announcement of the Competition
  • Oct 12, 2012 – opening of the Competition
  • Dec 12, 2012 – closing of the Competition
  • Dec 10-15, 2012 – Jury deliberations
  • Dec 16-17, 2012 – announcement of the results
  • Dec 17, 2012 – Feb 1, 2013 – technical and administrative work
  • Feb 1, 2013 – opening of a post-competition exhibition and awarding of prizes
  • Mar 2013 – closing of the exhibition + discussion panels


  • Jacek Fröhlich
  • Boris Kudlička
  • Marcin Mostafa
  • Natalia Paszkowska
  • Jerzy Porębski
  • Tomek Rygalik


Architecture category:

  • 1st place: EUR 7,000 EUR + project execution;
  • 2nd place: EUR 3,000;
  • and an option to award an additional prize of EUR 1,000.

Design category:

  • 1st place EUR 5,000 + project execution;
  • 2nd place: EUR 3,000;
  • and an option to award an additional prize of EUR 1,000.

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