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Modular Building Design Challenge 2012 – k99

Location :
Australia, web
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
$2,000.00 USD 1st prize
Jury Members :
see original link
Type :
Open to all, Free Admission, Student Competition
Admission fee :

Let’s harness modular construction techniques to combat the housing affordability crisis in Australia – design a contemporary modular home!



A long-held Australian dream is home ownership, which is fast falling beyond the reach of many with the median house price continuing to rise, primarily on account of strong demand and limited supply. Though governments have implemented measures directed at improving affordability these have been largely directed at housing policy, models of financing, planning regulations, land supply, infrastructure funding and taxation.  Little appears to have been written or done about the role of design and alternative construction methods in the provision of affordable and sustainable housing, though design is one of many factors influencing these critical issues.

Modular building design challenge is looking for  designs that are daring, functional, contemporary, affordable and preferably green. A design that you would be proud to call home…or live next door to….

As this is intended as an ideas competition (and there is no specific site details prescribed), there is no expectation that submitted designs adhere to any specific planning controls. Instead, designs are invited that propose contemporary and functional modular solutions, that provide good amenity for residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

Design criteria

    • Use of contemporary design features;
    • Successful integration of energy efficient and sustainable design features;
    • Use of modular construction;
    • The mandatory dimensions for each modular component of the design is
      • Standard Module Type 1
        • 12,192mm long
        • 2,438mm wide
        • 2,896mm high
      • Standard Module Type 2
        • 6058mm long
        • 2,438mm wide
        • 2,896mm high

Other Design Considerations :

  • The modules must be kept whole in the design.
  • Submissions must include at least two Type 1 modules.
  • Submissions can include a combination of Type 1 and Type 2 modules, but the use of Type 2 modules is not mandatory.
  • A maximum of two Type 2 modules can be used in the design.
  • The standard module types are such as to keep within the limitations for international shipping and limitations of road transport (without requiring escorts).1  To this end, designs may use multiple modules/portions (meeting the overall width limitation) in combination with each other to create a wider or longer design.  Modules can be stacked vertically to allow the house to be completely or partially double storey.
  • The design uses a steel frame structure (to enable it to be lifted for international shipping and transportation);

The design should combines all important functions including:

    • Sleeping – minimum of 2 enclosed bedrooms;
    • Living – living/dining;
    • Cleaning – Bathroom and laundry facilities;
    • Eating – Kitchen; and
    • Car accommodation – either garage or carport for 1 or 2 vehicles.

The total design area is a minimum of 59.4m2 (or two Type 1 modules) and maximum of 118m2 (or four Type 1 modules), excluding any car accommodation.

The design is intended for use within Australia (for guidance purposes only. It is up to entrants to specify if the design is particularly suited to a particular sub climate i.e. arid or tropical climate).

Entry conditions

Open to all individually or in groups throughout the world.

  • architects
  • engineers
  • designers
  • students


  • Competition announced :  Tuesday 14th February 2012
  • Submission  Deadline :  Friday 20th April 2012.
  • Winners announcements :Monday 30 April 2012.

Prizes :

$2,000.00USD in cash!

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