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MEDS 2012 LJUBLJANA – international student workshop competition @ DesignLoft V2.0 559

MEDS 2012 LJUBLJANA – international student workshop competition

Location :
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see office website
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Open to all, International, Student Competition
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MEDS – Meeting of design students – is an international association developed by and for design students from different European countries. It was founded in 2010 with an aim to bring together European students of architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design, etc. to work on the same project on an international level and explore practical world of designing.
With this idea MEDS organizes an annual event, usually lasting ten days, which takes place each summer in a different European city.
The main goal of MEDS is to share international experiences and knowledge to generate new and fresh ideas, to enrich the city in which the workshop takes place, and as a participant to become part of something bigger; an exciting and dynamic design community.


The five senses are fundamental to our everyday perceptions of the world. Designers strive to stimulate feelings and emotions based on people’s reactions to their senses in a particular environment. Unfortunately, in contemporary culture we are sensually biased: visual qualities predominate.
sensABILITY aims to free the participant from this visually driven world.
Workshops will strive to liberate our sense of touch, sound, smell and potentially even taste, to give us a richer understanding and appreciation of the designed world around us.
There are many accessories designed to help and guide us through the city, causing us to become passive in attitude and less aware of the space that surrounds us. Traffic lights, zebra crossings and pavements have made it almost unnecessary for pedestrians to observe each other. Let’s change this and regenerate our senses!


MEDS workshop is available for all students of design across Europe and beyond. MEDS 2012 in Ljubljana is limited to 7 students per country; participants will be chosen based on a poster competition before the workshop and tutors are chosen based on a project competition.
The capacity of MEDS 2012 workshop will be increased to 250 students from 30 European countries. Students will be accommodated in the center of Ljubljana, where workshop will be held.


A tutor is the author of one of the workshop proposals selected for realization by the MEDS Team.
2 types of tutors:

  • students of architecture and design
  • graduated architects or designers – normally they are invited to be the tutors by MEDS team

If you want to become a tutor or participant, please read more information in Participation and Tutor pack.

Entry fee

The cost of the workshop is €200 and it includes:

  • accommodation
  • breakfast and dinner
  • construction materials
  • lectures
  • trips, entrance fees

Participants and tutors will need to pay the registration fee of €50 by June 15th 2012. The rest of the fee has to be paid before the beginning of the workshop.
If for some reason the participant decides not to collaborate on a workshop, registration fee will not be returned!


  • 23.4.2012 – deadline of project competition for becoming a tutor
  • 30.4.2012 – announcement of the winning projects and their tutors
  • 14.5.2012 – deadline of poster competition for becoming a participant
  • 21.5.2012 – announcement of poster competition winners
  • 15.6.2012 – tutors and participants have to pay registration fee, €50
  • 5.8.2012 – the beginning of the workshop – the rest of the fee has to be paid

For more information go to meds-workshop.com  and medsslovenia.tumblr.com

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