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ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition @ DesignLoft V2.0 981

ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
see body
Jury Members :
James Thomas,Francis Chu,Mark Sanders,Yap Fook Fah
Type :
Restricted, International, Free Admission, Student Competition
Admission fee :

Unlike most other bike share programs, the system uses a novel redistribution method which is centered around mobile bike stations. Instead of locating the bikes at fixed stations around town to be checked out and returned, ISUDA places the bikes where the most potential users are at different times throughout the day.This competition is open to anyone 18 years or older anywhere in the world.


  • They should be lightweight and easily transportable
  • Efficient, but not super high performance (most used for short distances within 3 km)
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Unisex design (dress friendly)


All submissions must be original work by the designer, created for this competition, and not currently in production. Do not submit any images that contains reproduced or copyrighted work. No brand names should be visible in your images. Submissions with logos or copyrighted artwork will be disqualified.

Potential specifications

These are not required elements, but a list of details to think about for a transit oriented share bike:

  • Wheel size: 10″-16″ (solid tire, puncture free)
  • Bell drive (no grease)
  • Single speed, (possible to add motor drive as a module)
  • Seat post: adaptable height for user of various body height.
  • Brakes: “cable free” if possible
  • Wheel base: as short as practically possible (extreme example)
  • Integrated mud-guard
  • RFID lock (example)
  • Carrier/Basket, (for laptop bag, hand bag)
  • Umbrella holder

Entry Requirements

  • Create and submit two jpeg presentation layouts, horizontal format at a size of 800 x 600 pixels (at 72 dpi). Higher resolution files may be requested if you are chosen as a finalist.
  • The first image board should show development sketches, drawings, support images, and any other visual information that helps to explain your concept.
  • The second image board should primarily show a final rendering or prototype photo, with notes to clarify the details of your design (Keep in mind that the images will be sized for the web if posted, so make sure any text is large enough to be legible).
  • Write a short description of your concept in English- 200 words max (save as a Word .doc file or include in the body of your email)
  • Send the 2 jpegs and description in an email with “ISUDA bike share competition entry” in the subject line.Read more

Submission Deadline

January 11th, 2013 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard time


  • James Thomas
  • Francis Chu
  • Mark Sanders
  • Yap Fook Fah


The one Grand Prize for the reader’s choice winner will be the compact folding bike.
In addition, if the final ISUDA production bike uses any major design ideas from the competition entries, Francis will give a production bike(s) to the designer (or designers) responsible. This is a great opportunity to possibly have your design produced, and to see the fruits of your labor as a prize.

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