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App to the Future Design Challenge @ DesignLoft V2.0 437

App to the Future Design Challenge

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Jury Members :
Chris Caldwell, Corrina Black, Jennifer Bove, Eric Ludlum, Pratik Kothari.
Type :
Open to all, International, Free Admission
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Design an app for Windows Phone that showcases how to create, connect or impress the pants off your future self. Apps are a way to take control of your day-to-day life. Today they help you wake up, dress, commute, stay on top of news and reach the important people in your life throughout the day, and at their best they help you do things the way YOU want to do them. But what more could your apps do for you tomorrow?


Now you can change the future by designing an app for Windows Phone that helps you create better, connect with your loved ones or just impresses the pants off your future self.
The great apps of the future will empower you, so focus your entries into one of these three categories:

  • Design to Do. Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life—this is your chance to create an app that helps you do what you love. What part of the design process are you most passionate about? Design an app that focuses on creativity and improve it.Examples: Spark brainstorms, capture inspiration and organize your ideas. Or keep your pencils, resistors or bike gears inventoried.
  • Design to Connect. Sometimes it isn’t what you’re doing as much as who you’re doing it with. Design an app that keeps you close and connected with the people you love and care about.Examples: Share family recipes—with just your family. Or create birthday alerts with gift buying window countdown clock reminders.
  • Design to Delight. Have an idea that just tickles you? Harness the power of that computer in your pocket and design an app that surprises and delights—get people excited about what they’re doing, and they’ll love it as much as you do.Examples: Email pony pictures to people on their birthdays. Or track your hobbies—whether its counting trains, knitting stitches or how much stuff you can put on your cat, you gotta keep track.


  • Feb 03,2013—Submission Deadline
  • Feb 03,2013—Registration Deadline


  • Chris Caldwell
  • Corrina Black
  • Jennifer Bove
  • Eric Ludlum
  • Pratik Kothari


5 Winners

  • Microsoft Surface with Black Touch Cover
  • Windows Phone
  • Featured in “Amp Up Your App” on Channel 9
  • Consultation with Windows Phone Design team
  • 1-year Dev Center subscription

30 Finalists

  • 1-year free Dev Center subscription

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