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20120108153834-results-announcement-for-london-information-pavilion - Design loft - Competitions

Results announcement for LONDON Information Pavilion

Location :
London, Web
Award :
Already won :-)
Jury Members :
Matthew Lloyd ,Brigitte Lodolini ,Juan Carlos Sanchez Rodriguez Brief
Type :
Admission fee :

The winners of the LONDON Information Pavilion contest , previously reported on our site was announced today.

It is not easy to insert a “modern” architectural body inside a site like Trafalgar square, and the results show  both the contestants´s  AND the jury´s  struggle.

A quick shuffle at the winners will produce no “wow” effect, and nothing that should really be built .

(well, maybe as a ticket – selling pavilion close to venture, but not as a main representative pavilion … )

At any rate , we will let the reader judge …

..And the winners are :

Olympic Gold Medal :


1st prize winner - London information pavilion competition

Team members

  • Jose Carlos Cruz
  • Ines Guedes
  • Miguel Santos
  • Antonio Cruz

Country: Portugal
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 012249

Olympic Silver Medal :


2nd prize winner - London information pavilion competition

  • Team members
  • Stephanie Durniak
  • Marie Fade
  • Baptiste Franceschi

Company: OH!SOM architects
Country: France
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 011809

Olympic Bronze Medal :



  • Team members
  • Matthew Clare
  • Rob Duncan
  • Krista Mollion
  • Nikolay Grozev

Company: Dowling Duncan
Country: United States
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 012765

Honestly speaking – we are not the judges , but we DID wonder weather the winners ARE the best works submitted, but in london2012 – you can never know  (see london2012 logo..).
After a long debate , OUR WINNER is honorable mention project 12344

 ..and here below you will find the Honorable mentions :

More info about the winners can be found HERE , and about the honorable mentions HERE

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