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FYS winners announced

Location :
Madrid, Spain
Award :
2500 euro + prototyping
Jury Members :
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Type :
International, Call for Entries, Student Competition
Admission fee :

The winners of the FYS DESIGN COMPETITION were announced today , with rather disappointing results .

On the competition website – only 2 works are displays – none of which featured a great design breakthrough or concept .

That being said, both designs available on the site are affordable and simple to manufacture – somewhat IKEA like .

We bring here the winners as announced , and if any of our readers has some other works that were submitted to the competition – we would love to get them and share them here .

The five finalists :

  • “Double Rib”
  • “Echando el lazo” C96
  • “Pin Feet” C95
  • “Shoe Wave” C48
  • “SHOeW Box” C51

FYS Winners:

  • Winner: “Double Rib”, Masaya Takata, Tomoko Kishii, Japan
  • Runner-Up: “Pin Feet”, Mercedes Peña Martín, Daniel García Lopez, Nereda Gutiérrez Meco, Spain

FYS Honorable Mentions :

  • 1st Honorable Mention:
    Enriqueta Díaz Campos, Macarena Bañuelos
  • 2nd Honorable Mention:
    Jonathan Cañavate Báez, Berta González Salinero, Rebeca Juárez Hernández
  • 3rd Honorable Mention:
    Francisco Lloret Esteve, Pedro Javier Espín Cuenca

… And we must emphasize again, what a pity it is to organize a competition and not to share the results online .

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