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Integrative Materialities  FLATCUT_acadia2011 @ DesignLoft V2.0 108

Integrative Materialities FLATCUT_acadia2011

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The Brooklyn-based design and fabrication studio, FLATCUT_, announces the ACADIA 2011 Design + Fabrication Competition, an international call for submissions that challenges academics and designers to push the boundaries of materials, minds, and machines. Each year the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (“ACADIA”), attracts pioneers in computational design to discuss new discoveries in their respective fields.


FLATCUT_ and ACADIA are looking for participants to explore integrative material strategies in three design categories: lighting, partitions, and furniture. Designs should demonstrate an experimental approach to the problem of digitally fabricating multiple part assemblies that address both themes of the conference: integrative trajectories- the areas of overlap between design and other disciplines such as computer science, material science, mathematics, and biology – and the performance criteria of the category in which they are situated. Contestants are encouraged to minimize waste and fully engage the performance of their selected materials, to be creative and inventive with their choice of materials and take risks in their material pairings.


  • This is a digital competition and hard copy proposals will not be accepted. All entries are to be submitted via ACADIA 2011 conference submission site.
  • Participants should submit 2 boards per entry.
  • Board 1 should showcase your project through renderings and details and specify under which category you will be submitting the project.
  • Board 2 should include a set of drawings and diagrams that describe the processes and techniques for fabrication and installation of your submission.
  • Board size is set at 24″ x 36″. Board orientation must be Portrait. Boards should be print resolution PDFs.
  • Entry identification code (which you generate during registration) must be positioned in the upper right corner with required dimensions of 1″ tall x 4″ wide. No other form of identification is permitted. Disqualification of entries may occur if the guidelines are not met.
  • The language of the competition is English. Entries are encouraged to include all necessary information to clearly explain the proposal. The choice of the graphic representation is completely open to the entry team.
  • The applicants should also present their projects from different view angles, and include the narration and detailed description of the original concept underlying the final proposal presented. The proposals must be technologically feasible and reasonable enough. The applicants with award winning projects may be required to provide detailed feasibility report.


  • June 15, 2011 Pacific Standard Time (PST)—Submission Deadline
  • July 1, 2011—Finalists announced


  • Dror Benshetrit
  • Tod Williams
  • Tom Wiscombe
  • Bjarke Ingels
  • Tomer Ben-Gal
  • Chris Sharples

Registration Fee:$100

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