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Foremost Vanity Design Challenge

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Company internal
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Open to all, Free Admission
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The Foremost Group (furniture, not insurance) is inviting  students, design enthusiast, amateur or professional designer to the Foremost Vanity Design Challenge.

Some of the themes to address , among others :

  • Style trends
  • Color & Finish Trends, etc.
  • Renewable Materials
  • Innovative Materials, etc.
  • Aging in Place
  • People with Disabilities
  • Universal Design, etc.

If you think your design can resolve a problem,  help promote green materials, or catch the next trends – and you want a chance to win 5000 USD, you can register here :



  • January 1 – Competition open for submissions .
  • March 31, 2012  –  Deadline for Submissions.
  • April 10, 2012  –  Winners Announcement.

Registration Criteria :

Must be 18 years old or older, resident of the USA or CANADA (Quebec exluded )

Vanity Design Criteria

    The required elements are:
  • Vanity
  • Top
  • Sink
  • An element of storage
  • Hardware

Other Design Considerations

  • Vanity design must include top, sink and an element of storage.
  • The choice of doors and/or drawers, as well as hardware type and size are not specified and are your choice.
  • Vanity width must be a standard 36”.
  • Materials are not specified, although green and sustainable materials are preferred. However, it is important that the materials are
    appropriate for a bathroom setting and will not degrade with the average moisture expected in that environment.
  • Vanity top and sink can be one piece or two.
  • Sink can be top mount or under mount. Design can feature a vanity mounted or wall mounted faucet.


The winner of the Foremost Vanity Design Challenge will be awarded $5000.00.
In addition, a display with the winning rendering will be held in the Foremost Groups corporate booth at KBIS 2012 in Chicago, IL.

Upon the announcement of the winner, Foremost will also donate a monetary contribution of $1000.00 to Habitat For Humanity, an organization striving to help people in the US and Canada by creating homes for those in need every day.

Judges :

Designs will be judged by a panel of 12 Foremost Groups employees, and one external advertising agency executive.

  • The first round will determine the finalists. A finalist will be determined based on an average score of 4 or higher from the judges on a scale of 1 – 5. *If no entry scores an average of 4 or higher through the first round of scoring, then Foremost will determine the contest closed and there will be no winner.
  • The second round will determine the winner, based on the highest average score from the judges on a scale from 1 – 5.

Need more info ? go here : http://www.bathvanitydesign.com/

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