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Embedded Camera Support Design – Design loft - Industrial design Competitions

Embedded Camera Support Design

Location :
Award :
10,000 $
Jury Members :
International (including Samsung Engineers)
Type :
Open to all, Restricted, International
Admission fee :

“What if your digital camera could support itself on any surface, without having to attach a cumbersome tripod? What if a light, compact support system could be attached to the camera body, expanding only when necessary?

THE MEME and Samsung Electronics invites designers and engineers to contribute feasible ideas for embedded support systems for digital cameras.

The embedded support system should be integral to the camera (not detachable), hidden (or aesthetically integrated), easy to expand and retract, and usable in as many physical conditions as possible. Background

Self-capture, low light, long exposure, and unusual angle of view, are all situations in which people might use a tripod to support and stabilize their camera. However, due to the extra weight and cumbersome process of carrying, unfolding, and setting up the tripod, it is often considered as a special external accessory rather than an everyday tool. Even recent lightweight, flexible tripods like the GorillaPod™ are still awkward to attach, easy to lose or forget, and limited in height and reach.

Submission Requirements

  • Support system designs should take camera size and weight into careful consideration. Applicants should submit a design focusing on either the point-and-shoot camera type or the mirrorless camera type.
  • Applicants may also submit two separate designs – one for each type. Details about the size and weight of each type are provided below, as well as a few examples. Detailed exterior and internal structure of the camera can be ignored.
  1. Point-and-shoot camera (Reference: Samsung WB750)
  2. Mirrorless camera (Reference: Samsung NX200)
  • Cover page with concept title, list of contributing designers/engineers and statement (maximum 500 words) that communicates the operation mechanism and engineering of the camera support design, in English.
  • 3D view of key stages of expansion/retraction sequence.
  • Detailed 2D and/or 3D views of camera support and housing compartment camera support in fully stretched and fully retracted positions, as necessary to explain concept.
  • The file must be made available as PDF format.
  • No design submitted should be signed or bear any distinguishing marks.
Samsung Embedded Camera Support Design - Industrial design Competitions Design loft -

Embedded Camera Support Design - Industrial design Competitions Design loft -

Evaluation Criteria

  • The folding / expansion method of the support system should be the focus of the design innovation. Any and all potential support mechanisms will be considered, including but not limited to: collapsible, retractable, foldable, magnetic, suction, transformable, telescoping, gripping.
  • Breadth of situations in which the support system could be utilized. (e.g. terrain, indoor/outdoor, vertical/horizontal, soft/hard, etc.)
  •  Level of originality and creativeness of the concept. Radical and unconventional ideas are welcomed.
  • Attention to the compartment or housing into which the support will retract. Indication of how the support will be released and retracted into the camera unit by the user.
  •  Consideration of the impact of the proposed design on the size, weight, and overall appearance of the camera unit.
  • Technical resolution and manufacturing feasibility.

Submission Schedule
Registration: by 1/14/2012 23:59 EST

Submission: by 1/28/2012 23:59 EST
Terms and Conditions

  • Every design submission has to be original.
  • Entrants will be disqualified if any of the competition rules are not considered.
  • Applicants should submit their entries only one time. Multiple submissions will not be accepted.
  • This competition is co-hosted by THE MEME & Samsung Electronics.
  • Copyrights of winning entries belong to THE MEME & Samsung Electronics.
  • THE MEME will contact the finalists to verify the submission & personal info before confirming the winners.
  • Participants are obligated to keep their designs undisclosed until the competition results are published.
  • THE MEME, as the competition co-host, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if necessary.
  • The official language of the competition is English.

See more info here : http://www.thememedesign.com/competition/


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