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Chromania Design Competition

Location :
Award :
MacBook, iPhone, + various
Jury Members :
Company internal
Type :
Open to all, International, Free Admission
Admission fee :

“It’s inescapable – it’s in our closets, our restaurants, our cars and our parks.Color defines the people, places and things around us..”

The MINI Space is a website, or a self proclaimed “urban initiative” by MINI.

“It’s about taking part in creative projects, competitions, events and parties – about getting involved in “Creative Use of Space”. And simply about meeting other creative people and having a good time.”

We have already reported of several Minispace competitions in the past ,  and this time  the Mini space invites you to  Create  a photo, illustration or design for submission to a competition  called CHROMANIA ! , which is “a tribute to color in bizarre combinations, pleasing juxtapositions and monochromatic sweeps.”

“Color is  looking us in the eye, looming above us, stretched below us and around every corner. We often don’t think long and hard about color – but all that’s about to change.”

The Challange :

Capture 1, 2 or many colors and submit your photograph, illustration or design.

Your work will become a background on MINIspace.com and you’ll get a shot at winning some truly desirable prizes.

The rules:

  • Image must be 100% your original work
  • Don’t use any brand logos in your work
  • Get inspired, create, and share fun and fascination.

Once submitted, see your image displayed as a background on MINISpace.com

Schedule :

Competition Open :  2011-11-01

Submission Deadline:  2012-01-31

Winners Announcement : 2012-02-15

Prize :

  • Jury Prize 1: MacBook Air
  • Jury Prize 2:  iPhone 4S (64 GB)
  • Jury Prize 3:  iPhone 4S (32 GB)
  • Popular Vote Prize:  iTunes Giftcard for appx 100 songs

Jury :

The Jury is Internal MiniSpace personal, but the submissions will be also open to a voting system on the website.

More info can be found here: http://www.minispace.com/en_us/background/17/?competition=17


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