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Location :
Paredes, Portugal - WEB
Award :
Prototyping + exhibition
Jury Members :
Vasco Branco ,Henrique Cayatte
Type :
Open to all, International
Admission fee :

The chair is the chosen object, wood is the raw-material, innovation is the objective.

The Paredes Furniture Design Pole, in association with ID+ (Institute for Design, Media and Culture Research), launches the Art on Chairs International Design Contest, a contest open to the participation of students and professionals of design and architecture at a global level and of every age.

An international jury made of renowned specialists will select 9 projects for prototyping, which will be the anchor exhibition of Art on Chairs.

Other projects may also be selected for the exhibition but without being prototyped.

Purpose of the competition
The purpose of the present competition is to identify innovative and original solutions aimed at industrial and artisanal production of chairs by the furniture industry in the County of Paredes.

This international competition intends to stress the idea that Design does have a real impact upon peoples’ quality of life, while acknowledging that excellence in design has no borders.
From this point of view, chairs do have an iconic value. One may even say that, symbolically, chairs can translate the vision their author has of the world, the vision their author has of the world, of life styles, of innovation and even his thoughts on the discipline itself.

Progects are welcomed in 3 main categories :

  • Making Chairsincludes chair projects with a more “functional” character.
  • Imagining Chairsincludes chair projects which privilege the speculative character of the approaches.
  • Sustaining Chairsincludes projects which have as main concern the several dimensions of sustainability

This competition is open to students and professionals of design and of other similar areas. There are no age limits.

Technical Requierments
The projects to be submitted should focus upon chairs to be built, predominantly, in solid wood and its derivates, with the morphologic goal of being manufactured under industrial and artisanal replication, while ensuring their integration into systems of complementary objects, aimed at equipping domestic and corporate environments.

Jury :

  • Vasco Branco – Comissioner
    PhD in Electrotechnical Engineering and Computers (Interaction Design) by FEUP and Associate Professor of the Communication and Art Department at the University of Aveiro.
  • Henrique Cayatte
    A sculptor and a designer, Henrique Cayatte was born in Lisbon in 1957. Since 1985 he has worked with several companies in graphic design, heading some of them.

Direct submission link can be found here : http://www.paredesdesignmobiliario.com/en/go/submeter-proposta

Like always, we will try to follow and post results !

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