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The SPIRETEC Competition,India 2010 @ DesignLoft V2.0 420

The SPIRETEC Competition,India 2010

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
Jury Members :
Ken Yeang, Lucien Kroll, Michael Sorkin and more
Type :
Open to all, International
Admission fee :
US $50

SPIRETEC is an architectural design competition for a 62,750 square meter mixed use area that is part of an IT office complex, spread across approx 85,000 square meters of land. The project is in Greater Noida; part of the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR).


  • To weave a responsive building pattern into the planned fabric of IT workspaces overlooking the floodplain of the river.
  • To create a rest, leisure, and workplace environment that is cohesive, reassuring, and multi-layered in the experiences that it allows and meanings it explores.
  • To examine ideas of grafted urbanity and create a design that can witness, influence, and remain pertinent to the sharp, anticipated transformations of the region.
  • To incorporate issues of use, operation, maintenance, and performance – so that the conception becomes a living organ in the dynamic tissue of dispersed urbanity an not merely a sculptural object of beauty.
  • To address issues of construction processes in an economy at an early stage in adoption of industrially processed materials and technologies, and its implication for modern – and future – India.
  • To find suitable responses to the idea of culture, a living craft tradition and the supremacy of the hand and mind connect.
  • To demonstrate that all this is possible in this climate of extremes while achieving the high level of global benchmarks of a low ecological footprint, sufficiency and sustainability.
  • To contribute to the required architectural agenda in India that needs to be set such that it is valid for the next several decades.


  • Nov 01,2010—Queries deadline
  • Nov 29,2010—Queries answered
  • Dec 15,2010—Registration deadline
  • Jan 15,2011—Submission deadline
  • February 2011—Final jury assessment
  • March 2011—Awards and exhibitions

Submission Requirements

  • Two horizontal A0 size sheets. These are to be composed as high-resolution PDF files suitable for printing. The organizers may print the file for jury and exhibition. Bleeding is ok if absolutely necessary. This material should also be sent in low-resolution JPEG files.
  • A 3 minute multimedia presentation. This is to allow a better understanding and clarification of intent and ideas presented in the A0 sheets. Participants are free to choose any medium of their choice (ppt, avi, Mpeg, Flash, etc.)
  • A 300 word essay encapsulating the vision and design approach for the project.


  • Ken Yeang
  • Lucien Kroll
  • Michael Sorkin and more


  • 1st prize—Contract for US $250,000
  • Three finalists—US $25,000 each
  • Five honorable mentions—US $10,000 each

Admission fee:US $50

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