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Play for all

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Open to all, International, Student Competition
Admission fee :
$25 USD

Go Play,an international non-profit that promotes the importance of play for children in the developing world, is sponsoring a design competition to promote innovate playground designs. The winning design will be built for a school for refugee children along the border of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).


Education systems all over the world are trying to create learning environments for children that prepare them for a rapidly changing future. To learn to live in such a world, children need much more than basic knowledge. A playground is the place for children to form the building blocks of creative, critical and collaborative thinking: from the invention of games and solutions to complex problems, to negotiating rules and inventing new scenarios — play is the soil for the planting of new ideas.


  • Sep 17th, 2010—Competition open
  • Nov 24th, 2010—Registration Deadline
  • Jan 7th, 2011—Submission Deadline


The competition is open To design professionals, educators and non-professionals. Teams including educators and designer encouraged.

Registration requirements

  • Everyone is welcome to participate. Entrants do not need to be licensed architects or landscape architects to participate.
  • Designs may be submitted by an individual or by a team.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per person, or the number of teams with which an individual may participate.
  • Entrants must register to participate in the “Play for all” Design Competition. Only registered entrants will have access to the competition criteria, design brief and other background information.


  • Darell Hammond
  • Larry Scarpa
  • Andrew Maynard
  • Dr. Beth Doll
  • Marlon Blackwell
  • Liam Garland
  • Jennifer Siegal
  • Kitti Upariphutthiphong
  • Rachel Bentley
  • Quilian Riano
  • Matt Huxtable
  • Lena Weller
  • Barry Richards

Admission fee:$25 USD per entry
Awards:$1000 USD

For more information click here

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