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Center for the Promotion of Science @ DesignLoft V2.0 599

Center for the Promotion of Science

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
1st prize-60,000 Euros, 2nd prize-20,000 Euros, 3rd prize-10,000 Euros, 2 honorable mentions-5,000 Euros each
Jury Members :
Mr. Božidar Đelić, Mr. Dejan Vasović, Mr. Jovan Mitrović, Mr. Roberto Simon, Mrs. Dorte Mandrup, Mr. Gunter Katherl, Ms. Ourania Kloutsinioti.
Type :
Open to all, International
Admission fee :
200 Euros

The Ministry of Science and Technological Development initiated the creation of the new Centre for the Promotion of Science with the intention of bridging the gap between scientists and society as a whole, educating the younger generation and transmitting the scientific methods that affect building of a dynamic civil society open to the challenges of the future, and playing a key role in the better quality of life solutions and the affirmation of a knowledge-based economy in society as a whole.


The subject of this competition, therefore, is the design of the Centre for Promotion of Science – a complex incorporating all the main functions for exhibitions, conferences and a planetarium. Located on a site of 11, 66 ha, it will be constructed on an area of 20 915 m2. Competitors are required also to make proposals for the planning of the entire site as a science park, that will become part of the Belgrade High Tech Centre, university, scientific and commercial district.


  • Oct 21, 2010—Registration deadline
  • Dec 01, 2010—Submissions deadline

Submission Requirements

  • Competitors are free to choose any technique they want to, provided that the building proposed and the surrounding buildings and urban furniture are illustrated in correct proportions in relation to each other. It is up to each entrant to choose a graphic style.
  • Plans shall be submitted on a maximum of 8 separate sheets, format A1 (594x841mm) portrait position. Plans shall be also submitted on 2 CD carriers in .pdf format (A3 format).


  • Mr. Božidar Đelić
  • Mr. Dejan Vasović
  • Mr. Jovan Mitrović
  • Mr. Roberto Simon
  • Mrs. Dorte Mandrup
  • Mr. Gunter Katherl
  • Ms. Ourania Kloutsinioti


  • 1st prize—60,000 Euros,
  • 2nd prize—20,000 Euros,
  • 3rd prize—10,000 Euros,
  • 2 honorable mentions—5,000 Euros each

Admission fee: 200 Euros

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