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A101 Urban Block Competition @ DesignLoft V2.0 784

A101 Urban Block Competition

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
1st prize---$15,000, 2nd prize---$10,000, 3rd prize---$5,000, 5 honorable mentions---$2,000 each.
Jury Members :
Hans Stimmann, Dick van Gameren, Bart Goldhoorn,and more
Type :
Open to all, International
Admission fee :
50 Euros

A101 is a project for a new city of 150.000 people and 13 million m2 of housing near Moscow and the largest development of the Masstab Company. The planning for the city as a whole was designed by an international group of urban designers headed by the Dutch office Maxwan.


This masterplan and the rest of the A101 project are based on the Block City concept that was developed by the competition’s curator Bart Goldhoorn. This means that 80% of the urban blocks in the project should have a standard size.
Simultaneously with the closed competition for the masterplan, Masshtab Company invites architects from all over the world to send in projects for an open competition for urban blocks that can be used in the A101 project. Since it is planned to build over 500 blocks, the result of the competition will not just be the choice of one winning project, but the creation of a catalogue of possible solutions that can be applied on different locations and in different stages of realization of the A101 project.


  • Oct 20, 2010—Questions deadline
  • Oct 22, 2010—Questions answered
  • Nov 10, 2010—Registration deadline
  • Nov 28, 2010—Submissions deadline
  • Dec 02, 2010—Jury
  • Dec 03, 2010—Results announced

Submission Requirements

  • Plans, elevations, sections 1:200
  • Axonometry
  • Street views and courtyard views
  • Explanatory schemes
  • Catalogue of possible block variants
  • Model 1: 500 on a base with a block perimeter size
  • A text including:orientation scheme.Calculation of the gross/net ratio of the buildings.Calculation of the ratio of the gross floor area and the surface of the façade.


  • Hans Stimmann
  • Dick van Gameren
  • Bart Goldhoorn
  • Sergei Tchoban
  • Vladmir Plotkin
  • Eugene Asse
  • Alexander Skokan
  • Alexander Chapania


  • 1st prize—$15,000
  • 2nd prize—$10,000
  • 3rd prize—$5,000
  • 5 honorable mentions—$2,000 each

Admission fee:50 Euros

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