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Kid’s Digital Design Contest @ DesignLoft V2.0 454

Kid’s Digital Design Contest

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Open to all, International, Free Admission, Student Competition
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The First Annual Kids’ Digital Design Contest is a digital design competition for ages 0-15. With the help of parents, The competitions goal is to provide a venue for kids to demonstrate, develop and reveal their capacity for creative three dimensional thinking using the digital modeling tool SketchUp (free to download, simple to learn, and amazingly difficult to put down).


The competition theme is: “under/over/within” and features an intertidal aquatic site. Age based judging ensures fair competition and lots of cool prizes.
Your charge is to develop a “structure for living” within the area shown in the base model. the competition ask that you challenge the idea of structure and permanence with your design by thoughtfully engaging our aquatic/intertidal site which is at once constantly changing due to factors that are both man made and of a natural consequence.


It means that which has a physical permanence associated with an element that is here today, here tomorrow and most probably here in a few years or so—most literally, it is the thing you make. In a broader sense, structure can include those temporal constructs we find within society and our culture diverse cultures as well as those physical constructs that float, rest or otherwise reside on the site.


It means broadly the processes which distinguish organisms and inorganic objects from dead organisms. This can also be taken to mean and include any plants, animals or any mixture thereof either naturally found in and around the site or imported/foreign. This is not expressly a contest to design a place for humans to live.


  • Creativity – The originality of ideas will be praised. This criteria focuses on the idea of the model rather than the construction of it.
  • Story – What does your structure do? How does it accommodate “living” (and by whom or what?) How does is relate to the site? Why did you design your structure the way you did? What it is made of and what parts do you find are the most interesting?
  • Modeling Skill – Great models will speak for themselves in a lot of ways. A well presented, aesthetically pleasing model takes time and is necessary to place in the top three.


  • Registration Deadline: September 15, 2009
  • Submission Deadline: September 15, 2009


  • Age group winners: SketchUp Pro Educational license.
  • First 100 entrants: youth pass to California Academy of Sciences

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