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Gondwana Circle Design Competition @ DesignLoft V2.0 416

Gondwana Circle Design Competition

Location :
Submission Deadline :
Registration Deadline :
Award :
A total of $15,000
Jury Members :
Jennifer Bowles, Topher Delaney, Jean DeMouthe, Mary Margaret Jones.and more
Type :
Open to all, International, Free Admission, Student Competition
Admission fee :

The Botanical Garden, owned by the City of San Francisco, seeks a design solution that effectively communicates the historical significance of Gondwana in relation to the evolution and current horticultural communities of the Southern Hemisphere.


The Sponsor views this as a unique opportunity to provide visitors of all ages to the Garden with an understanding of the mechanics of plate tectonics and plant evolution as related to Gondwana through educational and interpretive aspects of the winning design. The Gondwana Circle is a significant locus for the Southern Hemisphere collections, and should include a focal feature (e.g. sculpture, water feature, etc.)


This competition is open to landscape architects, architects, artists, urban designers, educators, students and others interested in gardens and public art issues. Multi-disciplinary teams that include landscape architects and public artists are encouraged.


  • March 2009—Competition Announcement; Registration Begins
  • May 04, 2009—Begin Competition: Post Competition Requirementsto All Registrants
  • Jun 04, 2009—Competition Briefing & Site Tour
  • May-Sep 2009—Post Questions and Answers
  • Aug 31, 2009—Deadline for Registrations
  • Sep 11, 2009—Submissions Due
  • Mid Sep-Mid Oct,2009—Public Exhibit
  • Oct 03, 2009—Jury Review – Select Finalists
  • Late Oct 2009—Announce Winner


  • Jennifer Bowles
  • Topher Delaney
  • Jean DeMouthe
  • Mary Margaret Jones
  • Paul Licht
  • Patricia J. D. Raven
  • Peter Raven
  • Sandra Robins
  • Zahid Sardar
  • William Liskamm


  • A total of $15,000

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