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Discarded Dreams-Mattress Competition @ DesignLoft V2.0 827

Discarded Dreams-Mattress Competition

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Open to all, International, Student Competition
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Architecture for Humanity and Rubicon National Social Innovations invited entrants to create innovative ways of converting used mattresses into useful products.


The competition encouraged entrants to form groups capable of creating a consumer product, instructions detailing how to make the product, and a plan for production on a larger scale. Entrants created designs that take into account the volume of mattress waste generated each year. Groups were encouraged to utilize local resources, including existing manufacturing facilities and other waste products.

Design Constraints

Design Teams considered the following:

  • 80% of final product must come from the mattress itself. Preference will be given to entries whose product utilizes all mattress parts and leaves minimum unused materials.
  • The designs will be judged on over-all product design, low-cost deconstruction and manufacturing, and innovative re-use of materials to create an amazing, affordable consumer product.
  • Additional materials may be included, but must be recycled and/or waste products. No “virgin” materials.
  • Processing and production needs to be replicable at a large scale (approximately 10,000 mattresses per month per facility).
  • Entries must include a detailed description of de-construction and production process either by diagrams or text. Entrants are encouraged to use readily available tools and industrial machines.
  • Size of mattress may vary and can be decided by the entrant. See ‘Resources’ for technical information.
  • Teams are limited to up to 5 individuals.
  • Priority will also be given to designs with cost-effective manufacturing processes.
  • The Super Prize goes out to the team that has the most fun!

Submission Requirements

  • All team members should register on Worldchanging
  • Team Leader signs up for a competition entry, and may invite any other team members (by username or email)
  • Submit entry on Worldchanging
  • Project Title
  • Project Description (200 word minimum)
  • Minimum 3 images
  • Formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
  • Dimensions: 3000px x 2000px (pref. 10” x 15” @ 200 dpi)

Admission fee:$25


  • Sep 1st—Competition Opens
  • Dec 5th—Deadline for registration and submission
  • December–Jury Review
  • Feb 2009–Announcement of winners


  • Allan Chochinov
  • Julie Lasky
  • Piper Kujac
  • Angie Tadeo
  • Bret Recor
  • Joe Alexander


  • 1st place: $1000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: Amazing Rubicon Bakery baked goods delivered to your door

For more information click here

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